EQUI-TRED Tredmill

For most of our rehabilitation cases the inclusion of the Equi-Tred Treadmill in exercise programmes, is the best way to provide a safe & controlled exercise program.

Walking & Trotting exercise can be provided on the flat or on an incline with the horse being totally under control at all times.

Our Equi-Tred Treadmill has profound advantages compared to a horse walker, the most obvious being that the horse is working in a straight line & is not free to “Explode” as they so often do on a walker.

The ability to work the horse on an incline, has huge benefits both from the work rate & strengthening potential.

Uses & Advantages Of The PER Equi-Tred Treadmill

  • Retraining of injured horses
  • Muscle tone improvement & conditioning
  • Reduce stress- related injuries
  • Safely strengthen tendons & ligaments
  • Provide the perfect rehabilitation environment in the initial stages of a rehabilitation retraining program
  • Reduce stress & increase rideability
  • Rehabilitation controlling speed & incline on the PER Equi-Tred Treadmill, allows for safe & effective rehabilitation
  • Muscular development, particularly of the muscles of the neck, back & hindquarters Tendon & ligament injuries
  • Rehabilitation from Sacro-iliac trauma
  • Controlled speed & incline allows for thorough gait analysis
  • Weight management & control
  • Allows the horse to work on a straight line without the weight of the rider & influences of tack. Thus allowing continued maintenance & progression of training, with the removal of any rider influencing factors to the thorocolumbar spine. This is an invaluable tool combined with other therapeutic methods, when treating matters of soft tissue concern where maintenance of fitness is imperative.
  • Improve flexibility, strength & balance of the musculoskeletal system.

Download our Equi-Tred Treadmill Presentation