Peasebrook Equine Rehab

Getting a horse back to fitness and functionality following an injury is a painstaking process. It requires excellent horsemanship so that the patient is treated as an individual, his or her, needs and temperament are understood and managed correctly.

Exercise programs have to be specifically tailored and most importantly, monitored as to their efficacy, allowing for adjustment if necessary.

This calls for personnel with years of experience in this field of equine rehabilitation having dealt with many different types of injuries in many different types of horses. At Peasebrook we are fortunate to have a very experienced team and we have the luxury of all the onsite veterinary diagnostic facilities.

The majority of equine injuries are not best treated by strict box rest as this leads to muscle wastage and loss of mobility, not to mention the fact that prolonged confinement will not suit some horse’s temperament.

Some owners will understandably find hand-walking of their unexploded five year old warmblood, rather daunting. We can safely carry this out at Peasebrook and can also employ our Equi-Tred treadmill for controlled walking either on the flat or on a gradient.

Peasebrook Equine Rehab Open Day 2012 Sunday 1st July

Official Opening of Equine Spa by Honorary Guest Mary Bromiley MBE