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March 2013 News

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Spring 2013 Website News

I trust this finds you well, horse’s all on good form and looking forward to the 2013 season ahead. After the wash out of last year and subsequent ground problems, we are all hoping for a better year ahead for all our competitive clients. All is well at Peasebrook: PEC and PER running exceptionally well together, EQWise busy and productive as ever and all clients thrilled with the work we continue to do. We strive to provide an outstanding service into the equine veterinary, rehabilitation and therapeutic fields. Once again we can stand back, look at the work we have been conducting over the year and be proud of our successes. In 2012 we saw some incredible rehabilitation cases and the team carried out some outstanding work. The installation of the PER ECB Equine Spa in April 2012, has been such a worthwhile investment. It is in use every day and has successfully addressed a multitude of limb injuries and conditions. In addition to these cases, regular use of the cold water therapy immediately after hard exercise removes many of the stressors within tissues before inflammation develops. We have many clients who book in to Spa their horses on route back from competitive venues, this works so well as part of the care and fitness plan of the equine athlete.

The Peasebrook newsletter “Winter 2012/13” is a superb print and highly informative reading. There is an overview of the July 2012 open day, where once again Team Peasebrook excelled themselves. Articles on Joint Medication, Equine Cardiology, Upper Airway Disease, Pre-purchase examinations, Estimation of Equine Weight, Veterinary Services & Rehabilitation Combined, Staff News, some housekeeping and more! If you have not received a copy, please do let me know and I will ensure we get one sent out.

As you aware I have had the honour for the past 5 years of working as a member of the Equine Sports Massage Association (ESMA) Committee. 2012 saw further developments within ESMA and I feel very proud to announce that I have been elected to stand as Chairman for the association. I remember many years ago applying to train with Mary Bromiley MBE and the thought of being a registered professional with ESMA was a huge aspiration of mine. To now have been placed in the position of Chairman of ESMA and of our professional governing body is an achievement and an honour I am delighted to share with you. The reputation of ESMA is second to none, ESMA members are some of the best soft tissue/muscle experts in the world.

All members have been through a highly scrutinised training and are continued to be monitored by the association throughout their professional careers. With the regulation and recognition of Equine Therapist high on the agenda within the veterinary profession, my most immediate challenge is working closely with; The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, DEFRA and The British Equine Veterinary Association to ensure that ESMA are officially recognised under the umbrella of veterinary paraprofessionals providing physical therapy for the equine population.

In April 2012 I chose to bring all my work in-house to Peasebrook. This has proved to be a very successful move and many clients are enjoying the newly fitted 2012 therapeutic treatment area with equine solarium. The work conducted within this specialised area has continued to exhibit the most profound results with the horses in treatment and I am thrilled with the facility. Some clients combine their ESMT assessment and treatment with hydrotherapy work, use of the schooling facilities and for any veterinary checkups that are required at the time. All in all, providing a thorough and all round service. There are however still many requests for me to continue to conduct yard visits, either for those unable to transport to the clinic and for those that time is short and treatment onsite at PER is impractical. I have therefore modified the weekly program to service these requirements and am happy to spend 2 days of the week on the road. With the success of in house treatment, I will continue to conduct this work 3 days a week. If you feel you would like a yard visit for treatment, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can then let you know when I am in your area.

The Peasebrook evening lecture series is being thoroughly enjoyed by clients of the practice. The most recent being a very hands on practical and theoretical evening covering equine first aid. We were inundated with requests to join us for the evening and the feedback after, really was a credit to the team. We have other subject lined up, currently with the onset of the equine stud season and with the team very busy we are holding fire on the next event. Thus ensuring we have the time to put together another fantastic evening. Keep an eye on the Peasebrook and EQWise websites for updates on courses, lectures series and CPD events.

All is well with the family, the children are all happy and doing well at school. Many extracurricular activities keep both Tim and I busy with our involvement with them. Rupert is taking more time with his rugby these days and less time riding! Sienna has been a very lucky lady to inherit Rupert’s gorgeous pony Smartie and has started having group lessons at Mill Farm with some friends from school. Tim has been less fortunate to get as much riding this season, work has kept him fairly limited on time. Dark Angel continues to keep us on our toes, she exhibits many characteristics of a Dressage Diva! Our last two competitive affiliated outings have seen her 1st and 2nd in good company, with excellent score sheets and feedback. So I must ensure this year I make enough time to qualify her for some exciting venues.

This is just a brief roundup and update of some of the ongoing and current work within EQW, PEC and PER. Should you have any specific enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me Tel: (07947) 655042

Email: claire@eqwisemassage.co.uk

Looking forward to seeing you soon, with all my best wishes and thanking you for your continued support to my work.

Kindest regards

Claire M Galer

November 2012 Equine Event

Equine First Aid & Emergency Veterinary Care Evening – 7pm - 28th November 2012

Topics Include:

  • Injecting Techniques
  • Wound Cleaning & care
  • Bandaging
  • Vet Care

Entry F.O.C but donations can be made to the Midlands Air Ambulance and the Blue Cross.

Download event poster.

Download Full Program of Events

August 2012

Peasebrook Equine Open Day 2012

Post Event Press Release – Press Report August 2012

Peasbrook Equine Clinic team photo

1st July 2012 was the most fantastic day at Peasebrook Equine; the Clinic & Rehabilitation Centre would like to thank everyone who attended for their support & interest on the day. The Team were lucky with the weather, possibly the only day that July 2012 has seen with no rain & even some sunshine! Despite the road closures throughout the county & the huge turnout of spectators in Broadway for the arrival of the Olympic torch, well over 450 Equine Enthusiasts made their way to Peasebrook for an exceptional day of Equine Education & Entertainment. After 21 years of servicing the equine community; this was the first occasion for Peasebrook, the country’s leading combined Equine Veterinary & Rehabilitation Centre to throw open their doors.

The Team at Peasebrook were delighted to have Honorary guest Mary Bromiley MBE on board with the team for the day; to officially open the PER ECB Equine Spa & be available to discuss questions with clients throughout the day. Mary Bromiley is an eminent author & speaker worldwide & gave the most fascinating & entertaining speech at the opening. Speeches & video of the official opening are available at the practice websites; www.peasebrookequinerehab.co.uk, www.peasebrookequineclinic.com & www.eqwisemassage.co.uk and are well worth viewing.

The event started with a superb ground schooling & lunging display by Anna Buchannan & Dr Hilary Bentley, with “Buster Cunning”. Hilary gave an insightful demonstration of the Equi-Ami, it’s benefits & usage within ground schooling. The feedback from Clients attending the day, found this informative, educational & many purchased the aid for use with their own horses.

Jake Lomberg-Williams & Natalya Watson gave a fascinating display with their polo ponies. The Polo Masterclass & Demonstration with commentary from Jack Tucker, was an exhilarating insight into the world of Polo. The many spectators at the event were fascinated by their performance & thoroughly enjoyed this part of the day.

The highlight of the day being Mary Bromiley’s fascinating speech; her depth of knowledge, ability to impart it, years of experience & wisdom was evident in her words. Mary has great belief in the work that is conducted at Peasebrook & it was a delight to hear her enthusiasm & support to the team. To take an extract from her words:

“Having founded Downs House Equine Therapy & Rehabilitation Centre in Lambourne in 1984, it took 10 years to convince the veterinary profession that selected Physiotherapy methods, given by a person who had adequate training could help the profession & we did! When I built Downs House, I never my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would ever be privileged to come & open a centre such as this. All of you that are here are so lucky, everything is here. Not only are you going to get an in-depth diagnosis, which is what those of us on the fringes of the veterinary profession require. Tim & Claire have organised in their usual brilliant fashion, everything that they feel is needed to get horses back to their full working potential. I wish the centre all the luck in the world & thank you all for coming today”

Claire Galer Equine Sports Therapist, Equine Nutritionist & Peasebrook Equine Rehabilitation Manager said: “Mary has revolutionised the way horses have been treated and rehabilitated from soft tissue and muscle injury. She singlehandedly linked physiotherapy to the veterinary profession; I have the greatest admiration for Mary & would not be the therapist I am without her. We are all privileged & delighted to have Mary here at Peasebrook on board with the Team for today, it has been a great honour”. Mary's speech can be viewed on our video page.

Further displays of “Equine Excellence” kicked off the afternoons performances in the arena. Nickie Maddaford & two of her pupils demonstrated Dressage training, with superb & diligent dressage schooling displays. Nickie has had great success personally with her own horse’s, she trains with Carl Hester & is a fantastic trainer, with many of her pupils achieving great results & much success on the competition circuit. Sue Tupman & Dusty, displayed. Followed by Hannah Drinkwater on The Galer’s “Dark Angel”. Videos of these displays can be viewed on the PER website. Kirsty Davis, the chairman of ESMA, professional therapist, advanced rider & producer of young horses show cased 3 of her young Eventers. Kirsty gave a fascinating display that was insightful & informative. Discussing in great depth what to Look For Anatomically, Biomechanically & Under Saddle when purchasing an event horse. Kirsty is an exceptional lady with immense talent & expertise & brought so much to her displays. The crowd of spectators were evidently overwhelmed & impressed by her depth of knowledge.

Throughout the day the team at Peasebrook, received & entertained the Equine visitors in such a professional fashion. There were demonstrations & presentations throughout the clinic & rehabilitation centre. Per Equi-Tred Treadmill - Demonstrations, Presentations & films on Widescreen. PER ECB Equine Spa – Demonstrations, Presentations & films. PER Kylix Equine Solarium & EQ~Wise – Demonstrations, Presentations & films. All presentations, films & videos are available on the 3 practice websites & are well worth viewing. Tours of the Equine Clinic, Rehabilitation Centre, Stabling & The Equine Theatre were conducted by the team throughout The Day. These all proved fascinating, with many people blown away by the incredible facilities at the practice, impeccable standard of care, cleanliness of the site & such a professional, knowledgeable & friendly team of staff. Peasebrook Equine Clinic is certainly is centre of excellence, with an outstanding reputation, facilities second to none & a practice that strives for perfection. They service the equine world in a capacity that would rival many.

The trade stand village of the event was bursting with a fantastic mixture of Equine & Veterinary trade & with a selection of prestige local producers. The list was extensive & included: Tilesford Cottage Gardner, Cotswold Quail, Blooming Baskets, Cotswold Gold, Forever Living, The Pies The Limit, the Vanilla Pod Bakery, Manor Farm Fruits, Dodson & Horrell, FMB’s Equine Therapy Systems, Daintree Health Products, Equine Sports Massage Association, KK Ventures, The Clubhouse Bar, The Morgan, PER, PEC, Kylix, EQ~Wise, Central Horse News, Equine IT, Equine Media, Equi-Ami, Solution Saddles, Cool Forage, Jo Walters, Doggywoggy DooDaa, Myoplast, Kruuse, Haygain, Fox Saddlery, Midlands Air Ambulance.

The general feel of the day was superb, a great energy filled the event, and the trade village was bustling with activity. A continual flow of visitors were entertained & educated in the workings of PEC & PER throughout the day & the arena displays provided interest for all areas & levels of equine sport.

Fox saddlery sponsored a “Guess The Weight of Humbug” competition, Humbug being The Galer Family’s Fallabella Pony! One happy attendee went home with a superb voucher from Fox saddlery & a great deal of money was raised for the Midlands Air Ambulance.

So after such a successful & fascinating day, we asked Team Peasebrook ...... “When can we look forward to your next event like this? It really has been the most fascinating & enjoyable day & one not to be missed when hosted again!” They will be continuing with their ongoing; evening lecture series, evening tours of the clinic by appointment, Professional CPD events, Grooms days & much more. The summer of 2013 will see 2 scheduled training clinic days for interested Dressage & Event Riders. With the next big open day event planned for 2014. In the meantime, should you have any queries for the super Team Peasebrook at PEC & PER. Do not hesitate to contact them on Tel: 01386 853884 or info@peasebrook.co.uk – claire@eqwisemassage.co.uk For all your Equine Veterinary, Equine Rehabilitation, Equine Surgical & Referral needs, contact TEAM PEASEBROOK. The clinic are happy to give tours of the veterinary facilities, rehabilitation centre, demonstrations of the PER ECB Equine SPA & Equi-Tred Treadmill by appointment. Call now for your opportunity to see Equine Excellence first hand!

May 2012


The Centre of Excellence that is Peasebrook Equine Clinic, a purpose built Equine Veterinary Hospital & Equine Rehabilitation Centre is located in the heart of the Cotswolds on the Gloucestershire – Worcestershire boarders. Peasebrook has seen great expansion, success & development over recent years. With 2012 having seen the acquisition of the NEW PER ECB Equine Spa & other facilities offered at the Veterinary rehabilitation centre. The Spa’s arrival has been timely with the amalgamation of the Veterinary Rehabilitation Services & Eq-Wise Therapy & is proving to be so beneficial to all clients of both businesses. The combined services have become invaluable for all involved. www.peasebrookequinerehab.co.uk & www.eqwisemassage.co.uk .

To read this full press release download the full pdf here

PER Summer Open Day - 1st July 2012

PER open day invite

April 2012

Life at the moment is endlessly busy, however all in a good way! 2012 has seen the continued growth & successes with EQ~Wise that have led to a turning point in the day to day application of my work. I have over the years (15 years now, working as a professional equine consultant) built up an extremely loyal & ever expanding client base. Having worked now with many of my clients for years, I have built up some very close friendships & working partnerships. I feel very lucky & privileged to have the client base that I have & to have given so much into the equine world over the years.

Business is such, that I spend a great deal of time on the road & to fit all client appointments into each week began to prove nigh on impossible! With this in mind & my continued involvement with PER Peasebrook Equine Rehab, our onsite Rehabilitation centre based at our home Peasebrook Equine Clinic in the Cotswolds, I made the decision in the early part of the year to stop travelling & treat all horses on site. Having run clinic days over the past few years with great success & with the expansion of our rehabilitation services at PER this seemed a sensible course to take. Throughout February & March I started conducting work onsite & still travelling, from 1st April 2012 I stopped travelling & am now working 5 days a week from Peasebrook Equine Rehab, based in Little Buckland, Broadway. WR12 7JH. Situated on the Gloucestershire – Worcestershire county Boarder in The Cotswolds.

The change I guess is all part of career progression & it is great to be in a position to bring all work onsite, where I have the facilities to conduct a thorough assessment both palpatively & assessment of movement on various different surfaces. To then move forward into treatment in a specifically designed relaxed, controlled treatment environment, without question is a move forward & further progression in my work. I remember a very poignant day in my training with Mary Bromiley MBE, in my formative years as a therapist. Mary had various horses arriving for assessment & treatment at Downs House. Her words of wisdom as she watched the first horse unloaded from the lorry have remained with me. It is the ability to constantly be assessing a horse at all times, from the moment the ramp is lowered. So much can be learnt from seeing a horse coming down a ramp, on different surfaces, different gradients, inclines, declines. Mary was constantly assessing, constantly watching & I learnt so much from her & have continued to do so over the years. The importance of attention to detail, constant observation & assessment of the horse is an essential skill for an Equine Therapist.

The decision to start treating onsite has proved an even bigger success than I ever imagined. I have invested in a Kylix Equine Solarium http://www.kylixuk.co.uk that is now fully installed in the ESMT treatment area within the Clinic & Rehabilitation Centre at Peasebrook. Thus providing a perfect environment for the application of ESMT, with the ability for inclusion of Solarium treatment.

Equine solariums, use a combination of ultraviolet and infra-red light (IR), the ultraviolet (UV) light being particularly beneficial for stable-kept horses. The regular use of an equine solarium has the following Benefits: Improves blood circulation and cellular metabolism, Improves muscle elasticity in advance of intensive work, thereby reducing the risk of sustaining injury. Helps reduce stiffness after work, promotes relaxation and recovery. Assists in the relief of pain after injury particularly back pain, Improves general health, condition and well being of the horse.

The therapeutic benefits of radiant heat and sunlight (or artificial sunlight provided by UV light) are well documented in authoritative books on equine injury and therapy. Heat, being a form of energy increases metabolic activity in the cells. This increased activity causes an increase in oxygen demand locally. As a result, capillary dilation occurs to increase the amount of blood that brings oxygen and nutrients to the area. Membrane diffusion and enzymatic activity also increase enabling oxygen consumption and waste removal. This combined with ESMT Treatment provides an incredible therapeutic environment for horses when being treated at PER.

Benefits of UV and/or IR: UV provides particularly for stable kept horses a source of artificial sunlight to boost general health, condition and well being. IR the heat energy penetrates the skin into the underlying muscle tissue and helps stimulate blood circulation due to the warmth. This improves muscle elasticity therefore, helping to reduce and recovery from injury. IR and UV enhance all therapeutic and biological effects. The benefits of UV radiation are intensified with the application of simultaneous IR heat. Therapeutic results of these effects are a reduction in pain and muscle spasms, an increase in circulation, more mobile connective tissue and a general feeling of relaxation and well being.

2012 has started well, with much excitement about the constantly expanding busy PER. The amalgamation of EQ~Wise & Peasebrook Equine Rehab www.peasebrookequinerehab.co.uk is proving to be so beneficial to all clients of both businesses, the combined services we now provide are becoming invaluable for all involved.

My husband Tim Galer MRCVS established Peasebrook Equine Clinic in 1991, the practice has an outstanding reputation & now boast facilities that are second to none: www.peasebrookequineclinic.com

  • Stabling for nine in-patients
  • Resident Veterinary Surgeon’s, Equine Sports Therapist, Veterinary Nurse’s & Rehabilitation Staff
  • Operating Theatre with padded recovery boxes
  • Full Equine Surgical referral service
  • Highly Respected Equine Lameness Services
  • Fully equipped laboratory open 24 hours
  • Equi-Tred Treadmill, Equine Spa & Solarium for rehabilitation work
  • Pro-Track arena
  • Regular dental clinics
  • Diagnostic imaging unit
  • Competitive Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer packages
  • Referrals taken from anywhere in the UK
  • Pre-Purchase Examinations in the UK and Europe
  • Equine Practice serving Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Herefordshire and Oxfordshire.

PER ECB Equine Spa

The latest development within PER has been the recently purchased & fully commissioned ECB Equine Spa. Cold Salt Hydrotherapy is used to treat (and prevent) a multitude of injuries in 2°C / 35°F saltwater.  The spa has successfully addressed virtually all lower leg injuries.  Treatment temperature alone induces a massive rush of blood and circulation which otherwise would not be present. This drug free therapy can be used for injury prevention and also to increase mobility and reduce swelling in the limbs before and after competitive events and training. The ECB Equine Spa  is a self-contained unit holding 2000 ltrs / 530 gal.

Cold salt hydotherapy treatment can be used for all forms of lower leg inflammation: removing the painful fluid swellings associated with injury.

Eqwise News image


The PER ECB Spa solution is maintained between 2 and 4 °c (35 f), to minimise heat and inflammation. This provides analgesic pain management as well as inhibiting enzyme degeneration of tendons post injury.

Salt Concentration:

The ECB salt solution acts as a hypertonic poultice as well as having a natural healing effect on wounds. Water density increases with salt concentration, which in turn increases pressure to aid fluid and waste dispersal.


Water aeration has a massaging effect on the leg and increases the dissolved oxygen content of the spa solution.


The depth of the water is proportional to the pressure exerted on the leg which aids fluid and waste dispersal; this can be varied according to position and severity of injury.

Biological Control:

With water hygiene levels continually being maintained with a combination of fine filtration, chlorination, cold water and salt, the ECB Spa allows thousands of successive treatments. These same factors not only prevent further micro-biological infections but actually help treat any pre-existing conditions.

Dissolved Oxygen:

Water at temperatures below 6 °c (48 f) has a higher ability to carry oxygen and with the ECB solution also being aerated, the oxygen content is increased dramatically. It is believed that the Spa has similar effects on internal leg injuries to the use of hyperbaric chambers in humans; and with topical wounds, re-oxygenation allows phagocytosis and other natural defence mechanisms to intensify in their therapy.ify in their therapy. and other host defence mechanisms to intensify in their therapy.

Peasebrook Rehab clinic

The therapeutic factors of cold salt hydrotherapy can be used to treat any cause of inflammation within the tissues of the lower legs.


Injury to Superficial digital flexor, Check ligament, Deep digital flexor

Tendonitis is one of the principal injuries associated with performance horses as often repair is not fully successful. For example, initial injury may start as a bruise or strain to the collagen fibres which then become inflamed and further deteriorate under the influence of collagenase. In repair new collagen fibres form but often form cross links due to lingering swelling which are weak and re-injure. Cold hydrotherapy treatment minimizes the effect of collegenase by keeping the leg temperature lower; and by reducing the swelling, allows collagen fibres to repair neatly.


Thanks to the continued research by Professor Chris Pollitt, it has now been proven that regular use of cold salt hydrotherapy can effectively ameliorate the clinical signs and pathology of acute laminitis.


Suspensory strain or tear

The suspensory apparatus supports the lower leg through attachment to the bones and injury is common when horses slip or twist the leg or where over extension of the fetlock occurs regularly during exercise. Injury of the ligament could occur in a similar manner to tendonitis or ligament separation from bone may result in intense inflammation and pain.  Repair is slow and replacement collagen must form correctly to prevent re-injury, hence the importance to keep swelling down for straight collagen repair.


Injury to Fetlock and pastern, Knee and hock, coffin joint

Bone provides the living scaffold for movement and injury can result in degeneration of bone and joint tissue with a weakening of the bone structure. Inflammation results in swelling and pain and unless the progressive changes are stopped deterioration will continue to worsen with concussion.

Hoof Injuries

Over reach, Abscesses, Stone Bruise, Corns, Laminitis or Founder, Thrush, Nail Prick

All the different structures that go to make up the hoof can be injured either from concussion, trauma, shoeing or nutrition. Each form results in its own type of inflammation sometimes with associated infection. Cold poultice treatment to the hoof has been a traditional therapy and the spa improves this process in the above injury types.

Shin Splints

Sore shins, Bucked shins

During exercise, pressure on the digital extensor tendon sheath down the front of the cannon bone, can cause the attachment of the sheath to the bone to lift in young horses. As exercise increases, the inflammation worsens with fluid separating the sheath and bone further. Spa treatment minimises the inflammation.

Jar Up & Bruising

Concussion soreness is a common result where horses work on hard surfaces after lead up exercise on softer going.  This may result from a change in the going on grass tracks or change from all weather surfaces to firmer going in racehorses. The bone tissues are stressed and inflammation commences throughout the bones without showing signs of fluid or swelling.

Bursitis / Synovitis

Swollen joints, Wind galls or wind puffs .Result where stress injury develops in the tissues surrounding joints and ligaments.  The synovial membranes produce excess fluid causing the joint or tendon sheaths to swell.

Peasebrook clinic image

Open Wounds and skin infections.

Dermatitis, Greasy heel / Mud Fever / Rain Scald

Skin Infection all commence with abrasion to skin cells which then allow entry of various micro-organisms resulting in inflammation. Both inflammation and the micro-organic cause require elimination and cold water hydrotherapy speed this process with the salt content of the water acting as a poultice.  Many of the artificial surfaces that horses work on are abrasive and can irritate skin on lower leg.


Normally the healing of these injuries may be prolonged with new tissue type being weak and prone to re-injury. Spa treatments resolve injuries faster in two ways; firstly, by keeping the leg temperature lower it minimises the effect of fibre deteriorating collegenase; and secondly by reducing the swelling, it allows collagen fibres to repair neatly.

This reduced convalescence time is beneficial for the horse and all connections, however the perfect situation to utilise cold water hydrotherapy is within:

Injury Prevention

Prevention is always better than cure.  By regular use of cold therapy immediately after hard exercise, many of the stressors within tissues are removed before inflammation develops.  Cold also significantly improves surface bone density reducing the opportunity for bone stress related injuries to commence.

PER Equi-Tred Treadmill

For most of our rehabilitation cases the inclusion of the Equi-Tred Treadmill in exercise programmes is the best way to provide a safe & controlled exercise program. Walking & trotting exercise can be provided on the flat or on an incline with the horse being totally under control at all times. The treadmill has profound advantages compared to a horse walker, the most obvious being that the horse is working in a straight line & is not free to “explode” as they so often do on a walker. The ability to work the horse on an incline has huge benefits both from the work rate & strengthening potential.

Peasebrook clinic horse image

Peasebrook clinic horse rehab image

For more information regarding Rehabilitation at PER & the benefits of PER ECB Equine Spa & Equi-Tred Treadmill work call: Office – 01386 853884 Mobile – 07947 655042 or email – claire@eqwisemassage.co.uk

HumbugLife is good with the family, all the children doing brilliantly at their respective schools & with lots going on with extracurricular activities we are kept busy all the time! Sienna has a stunning little Falabella Pony called Humbug! He has become the Clinic’s & PER’s mascot & is loved by everyone who comes to Peasebrook.


When time permits I am still pursuing a keen Dressage career with Dark Angel, my German 4 yr old Mare. We spent a great deal of time training intensively with Gleny’s Hemmings at Abbey Dressage last year & registered with BD & managed 8 outings towards the end of last year. Over Christmas & January I backed off the intensive training & have kept her ticking over giving her time grow & mature into herself. We started a more consistent routine once again in March & plan to get out & about for more training & competing in the coming months.

Claire in action

I am delighted to announce that this summer we will be holding an Open Day for Peasebrook Equine Rehab. This is set for Sunday 1st July 2012 ~ 11am – 4pm. There will be tours of the Clinic & Rehabilitation Centre, PER ECB Spa Demonstrations, Equi-Tred Treadmill demonstrations, ESMT Solarium Demonstrations, Arena Displays throughout the day & Exhibitors. The PER Team of Vet’s, Therapist’s, Nurse’s & Rehabilitation staff will be available throughout the day for discussions & questions. Call our office to be placed on the invitation Mailing list, all welcome & it is set to be a fantastic day. We feel greatly privileged that Mary Bromiley MBE will be our Honorary guest, officially opening the PER ECB Equine Spa unit at midday. Call us for your invitation - (01386) 853884.

With all my best wishes to you all & thank you for your continued support in my work.

Kindest regards


July 2011

As always life is busy & the profound effects of Equine Sports Massage & “These Hands” never cease to amaze me! 2009, 2010 & 2011 have proved to be the most astoundingly successful years to date for EQ~Wise. With a client base covering many facets of the Equine Sporting World; Eventing, Racing, Dressage, Show Jumping, Polo, Riding & Pony Club & Hunting Horses.

My involvement with the GB Pony Squad members in both Dressage & Eventing, has brought about fantastic results & great success at European championships. The work I am involved with within the Eventing field from BE 90 through to 4* Level & The British Equestrian federations “World Class Performance” Horses & riders, continues to inspire me & works so well for both horse & rider. Once again the results achieved by my clients when competing, with the involvement of ESMT into their training programmes continues to see such great successes. We have seen outstanding performance at Premier League Level, Regional & National Championships with the Dressage horses. The results of much dedication, devotion & skill from all the riders involved & the inclusion of EQ~Wise Sports Therapy speak for themselves. A huge well done to everyone, riders, trainers, owners, Vets, Para-Professionals; all those involved. I would like to thank all my clients for working with EQ~Wise & the successes we continue to see together. At this juncture I must reiterate the importance & effectiveness of ESMT, when applied appropriately to these incredible Equine Sporting Athletes.

Aside from my wide client base in the Dressage & Eventing fraternity, my involvement within the racing world has continued to expand & I am delighted to be involved with some of the most fantastic racing trainers we are lucky to have in this country. I spend a great deal of time looking after horses from Lambourn, The Cotswolds & Herefordshire Training Establishments. We have seen unending successes with race horses resident for periods of rehabilitation work prior to, during & post the season. We have a superb program for pre training work after the season break & post season let down. The work carried out to rebalance the soft tissue structures, with the inclusion of ESMT, Interferential, Treadmill, Ground schooling etc plays a vital role in the training & fittening of these athletes. Many horses will come mid season when they need to continue their training & maintain/improve their fitness, with the inclusion of soft tissue therapy. In many cases, when needing to take the jockey off “The Back” & continue to work the horse. Thus allowing soft tissue structure to rebalance, lift spasm, release tension & heal from any soft tissue trauma that has occurred over time or in a specific incident. The service we provide is proving an unending support to racing world.

I continue to sit on the committee for The Equine Sports Massage Association & together we have seen great success. ESMA is the governing body for Equine Sports Massage in the UK. Through the foresight & implementation by Mary Bromiley MBE, ESMA has & continues to ensure the maintenance of a professional body to govern this form of soft tissue therapy. I thoroughly enjoy the involvement & feel privileged to be involved with such an inspiring organisation.

EQ~Wise Courses that are run at Peasebrook Equine Clinic, have continued to be very successful. 2010/11 have seen some superb attendees & such informative, educational & practical courses. The feedback has been superb. Day courses this year have included Equine Sports Massage Techniques: Theory & Practical. Stretching techniques, Rehabilitation Approaches, Equine Nutrition. These courses are not designed to train candidates as professional therapists, they are aimed at ensuring at least one member on the yard/training establishment is trained in basic soft tissue massage techniques & stretches. They can then be guided by the therapist during treatment sessions, on areas that will need light massage daily & stretching routines for individual horses. The yards that have sent staff members or owners that want to apply massage between treatments, have found these day courses & the training invaluable. If you require any information regarding courses, please do email me direct claire@eqwisemassage.co.uk . As you will see some dates do not make it to the website!

I would like to take this time to thank all my wonderful clients for the work we do together & for your unending support to EQ~WISE. Wishing you all the best of luck for the coming season.

Kindest regards


Pablo one of Claire clients!!Well Done To Georgie Starkie & Pablo At Pony Dressage European Championships 2009, 2 top 10 places At Moorsele CDIP & Has Represented Gt. Britain 4 Times This Year, Wishing You Continued Success With The Move Onto Horses.

EQWise Massage Latest News~ July 2009

Since September 2008 work has continued as it has done over the years; to flourish & grow in its success. The effects of my Equine Sports Therapy Techniques, continue to astound me! The accuracy of assessment through palpation, application of ESMT Techniques & resultant effects on the muscle groups when under saddle, I find fascinating.

I have found the written work of ìWalter Zettlî increasingly helpful in both my therapeutic work & my own Dressage riding. His approach to the seven elements of training ~ Rhythm, Relaxation, Contact, ìSchwungî (describing the power of the hindquarters, that carry the horse forward & its transmission over the back) Straightness, Suppleness & Connection are all addressed & improved with Equine Therapeutic Techniques.

I have continued to undertake various CPD lectures, training days & seminars. To name a few over the past months:

In October 2008 EQ~Wise Massage in collaboration with Peasebrook Equine Clinic held the ESMA Autumn CPD Training Day. With speakers: Tim Galer, Nicola Brown, Clare Macleod & Claire Galer. Subjects covered; Structural anatomy of the sacroiliac & sacrolumbar regions, inc gross anatomical specimens, Physiological responses to massage & other forms of physical therapy, Equine digestive system currency of energy & how energy is produced, Equine cushings, Clinical evaluation of the equine athlete. The day was hugely informative to all who participated & was such a success we are running another day this year. Thursday 15th October 2009 Professional Equine Therapists Autumn CPD. See link for details.

In November 2008 I attended a BEVA meeting ìThe Neckî With Speakers: Dr S E Kold, Richard Hepburn & John Walmsley. Subjects covered; Developmental aspects of the cervical vertebral column, Cervical vertebral abnormalities resulting in neurological symptoms, Facet joint osteoarthritis, Pain in the neck ~ if it looks like back but isnít, Surgical stabilization for CVM. This was a thoroughly informative evening, with some interesting subject matter followed by dinner.

In April 2009 we held the Annual ESMA AGM & Training Day, in Berkshire. Where we were delighted to watch both Kirsty Davis & Clair Andrews give demonstrations of their Equine Sports Massage Therapy, we were then able to interact & share hands on opinions, ideas & techniques together as an organization. In addition to the AGM, Mary Bromiley was kind enough to come & spend the afternoon around a table (of 40 of us!) discussing the Equine Autonomic Nervous System & the effects of our techniques on the system.

As an active member of the ESMA committee, I continue to attend committee meetings & work together with all committee members towards a successful future for ESMA. One of my goals has been to initiate the revamp of the ESMA website. www.equinemassageassociation.co.uk So having given Equine Media the job, 2009 has been a busy year with all sorts of exciting work towards this. March & April we spent filming to achieve productive footage for the website. Hartpury College Equine Veterinary Therapy Centre were kind enough to let us paint & film a horse working on the high speed treadmill. We used our homebred point-to-point thoroughbred ìWoodyî He became a star for the day: having his skeletal system painted on one side & the muscular system painted on the other, then filmed working through various gaits at various speeds on the high speed treadmill. The footage was fascinating. Take a look on the site to see for yourself. In addition to the painted horse work, Peter Storr Dressage Rider was kind enough to let us film hands on massage work with therapists at his yard. Further footage was also taken at Peasebrook Equine Clinic assessing horses & massaging. The results were fantastic & give a good web based view of the work we do.

This autumn I am running further Equine Massage & Nutrition Courses. Thursday 24th September 2009 & Thursday 5th November 2009. See link for details or email me direct if you require any further info.

In addition to my work with EQ~Wise I am also now overseeing the nurses work & yard management at the clinic, together with the marketing work. We have many plans for further expansion of our on-site rehabilitation work. With 4 resident vets, therapists, treadmill, the new arena, lunge pens etc we feel expansion as such is an eventuality. Should you require any information on our equine rehabilitation work, please feel free to contact me.

When time permits both Tim & I & the family continue to enjoy the wonders of the many equine sports we get involved in: Racing, Dressage, Polo, Eventing, S.J & Point-To-Pointing. The children are all well & happy. Jack is following in Timís footsteps with interests in Equine Veterinary work, Grace is enjoying the delights of her pony ìRockyî & is loving the fun at Bredon, Rupert has taken up riding & has sights on polo (sounds expensive & dangerous to me!) & little darling Sienna at 19 months old is completely ìBoboî (horse!) obsessed!!

With all my best wishes to you all & thank you for your continued support in my work

Claire Galer